Highlands Natural Resources’ strategy is to develop a portfolio of projects whereby approximately 80% of projects generate secure and sustainable revenue while the other projects demonstrate the potential for exciting capital appreciation. This strategic objective is well advanced and we are generating revenue.

In terms of our individual areas of operation, our strategic objectives are as follows:

  • Zoetic Organics, the wholly-owned subsidiary of Highlands, aims to distinguish itself as a leading premium and organic producer of CBD products in the United States and internationally.

  • Colorado shale – spearheaded by our East Denver Project, we expect revenues to be more than sufficient to cover overheads for 2019 with 8 wells currently producing. We continue to examine opportunities to expand the project area as well as evaluating new development opportunities for our portfolio.

  • Highlands Water Resources – our innovative plan to address water shortages on fracking sites is already delivering revenue. A core objective for 2019 is to seek to expand these operations and therefore secure a stable services-based revenue for the Company.

  • Kansas nitrogen discovery – this may represent the most exciting development for Highlands in 2019. We have delivered our first commercial sales to organic cannabis growers in Colorado and, based on the level of enquiries and ongoing discussions we have at present, we anticipate further positive developments over the coming months.

  • Enhanced oil recovery – we believe that our re-fracking and well protection technology, DT Ultravert, remains a potentially disruptive influence on the oil & gas industry and we continue to examine profitable applications. Securing a proprietary nitrogen supply will make it far more cost effective. Alongside this, but a longer-term objective, is our carbon dioxide asset.

  • Montana Project – this represents a more speculative opportunity for Highlands. Sustainable gas production marks a critical milestone but further work is required before the resource becomes economic.

Key Facts

Market London Stock Exchange Standard Listing
Stock Ticker HNR:LN (Bloomberg) -HNRH.L (Reuters)
Broker Cantor Fitzgerald Europe
Director Interest 8.79% (Robert Price)

Core Assets

Highlands has a prospective portfolio of assets in the US. These have been acquired at low cost and provide the Company with a range of value catalysts and potential revenue streams.

Name Type of Asset Status
Colorado Shale Farm In Development In Production
Kansas Nitrogen Nitrogen - Development Development
Montana Exploration Drilling and Development Underway
Enhanced Oil Recovery Technology Development
Water Resource Technology Development
DT Ultravert Technology Demonstration and Marketing

Board & Management