The Company was established to take advantage of volatile conditions in the current oil and gas market.

The Board believes that, in particular, the current price weakness in oil and oil and gas company shares will present the Company with pursuable value opportunities, the likes of which have not been obtainable for some time.

Primarily utilising its extensive network, the Board aims to identify oil and gas assets which it believes fit its investment criteria. These targets will then be evaluated by the Advisory Board who will provide a further recommendation on suitability. Each member of the Advisory Board brings expertise in fields relevant to the Company’s aims, offering in particular, knowledge of acquisitions, divestments, petroleum engineering, geology, and oil drilling technologies.

The assets being sought will primarily be in production although some exploration projects will also be targeted. The aim is to establish a substantial oil and gas company with a portfolio blend that allows for the careful management of risk while providing significant upside to investors.