DT Ultravert

“A re-fracking and parent well protection technology”


Ownership Structure: 75% ownership in patents for DT Ultravert
Number of Patent Filings: 20
Potential Applications: A. Refracturing Horizontal Wells
B. Parent Well Protection
Collaborators: 1. Schlumberger Technology Corporation
2. CalFrac Well Services Corp.
NPV (10%): US$78 million and US$135 million - RPS Knowledge Reservoir IOR dated 6 January 2017
Key Personnel: Lead Marketing Manager, Domingo Mata - formerly the Senior Production Engineer and Stimulation Domain Manager of Schlumberger
Status: Demonstrating and marketing both applications

DT Ultravert is a diversion technology and represents a very exciting component of Highlands’ portfolio given its potential to be a disruptive technology within the oil and gas sector. The Company is taking steps to prove up and commercialise DT Ultravert. RPS Knowledge Reservoir has calculated a potential NPV10 range of between US$78 million and US$135 million subject to further successful testing and commercialisation as a well refracturing and anti-bashing technology.

Diverters are used by the industry as a method of enhancing conductivity during fracture treatment by diverting fluids to untreated portions of the reservoir. The oil and gas industry is searching for a breakthrough in diversion technology, and Diversion believes that with DT Ultravert it may have such a breakthrough. The industry’s current diverter technologies are largely based on solid forms, whereas DT Ultravert technology is based on an inert gas form.

The DT Ultravert pending patent technology method employs an elegant, simple, non-chemical based approach. The technology employs gas, a compressible fluid, to help divert or block liquid frac injectants from entering existing fractures. Gas is pumped ahead or alternating with, frac liquids, and serves to fill existing fractures.